Wedding Dress Shopping Tips from Love Our Wedding Magazine

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Wedding dress shopping is now easy task. See top tips from TNWS Manchester exhibitors Love Our Wedding Magazine (Stand D37) on finding the perfect gown. 

Do your research

 Dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush in and buy the first dress you see. Do a bit of research before you go shopping. Look at the latest collections in bridal magazines and websites, then search for your nearest stockists.

 Budgets come first!

 Every bride will say that their wedding dress is a must-have expense that has no boundaries, but be realistic. If you and your husband-to-be both agree that you should have whatever your heart desires – great – but if your bank balance says otherwise, you’ll need to have a maximum figure in mind and stick to it.

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 Give yourself time

 Some manufacturers and designers can take up to six months after you’ve ordered the dress to get it in store, and then you’ll need additional time for your fittings and alterations. We would advise ordering your dress no later than eight months before the wedding, so start looking a year before the big day.

 Wear the right underwear

 You’ve found your perfect princess dress with a sweetheart neckline, only to be distracted by the black bra straps on your shoulders! Make sure you wear nude underwear including a strapless bra when you go shopping. It’s also a good idea to take shoes of a heel height you feel comfortable in. When you have your fitting, it’s essential you take the actual shoes you’re going to wear on the day with you, as this will ultimately determine the length of the hemline.

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 Always shop in a bridal boutique

 It’s no secret that buying your wedding dress online is often a huge risk with terrible consequences. To guarantee you’re getting exactly what you pay for, shop for your dress in a bridal boutique. Not only will you get a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience with your nearest and dearest, but you can also feel confident in your purchase.

Try something on that’s so ‘NOT’ you

 Have an idea of what styles suit you, but don’t let it limit the dresses you try on. You may be discarding gorgeous gowns right away that are actually perfect for you. Often, it’s the one you didn’t like on the hanger that ends up being the one you choose.

 Take people you trust with you

 Having a herd of people with you on your shopping experience can be more of a hindrance than a help. People will have their own opinion of which style they think you should choose, but ultimately, it’s your decision. It’s wise to have a few close family members with you that will be honest, but Auntie Jane saying that she always pictured you in a high neck when you’ve chosen strapless, won’t help!

 Don’t take photographs

 When you’re trying on all the beautiful dresses, you may want to take photos of yourself to remind you of your favourite styles, however, this is often prohibited. It isn’t because the boutique owner is being mean, it’s for good reason. The prohibition of photos is purely due to the counterfeit issue so that fraudsters won’t be able to create a copycat of the dream dress you’ve tried on. Be respectful of the shop’s wishes and instead jot down the style number of the dress you like.

 Stop looking!

 Don’t look at new collections after you’ve committed to buying. You won’t want any unnecessary doubts