Shop for Wedding Dresses at a Wedding Show

Wedding fairs such as The National Wedding Show are the perfect place to search for your dream wedding dress. These events bring together a wide variety of bridal attire from different designers, and you can explore a huge range of different styles all in one place, offering more choices than your average boutique! Appealing to all tastes, budgets and with many exhibitors offering exclusive discounts and deals, these events provide the ideal environment for wedding dress shopping. But, there are still a few tips to consider in order to get the best out of your experience. Wedding planning experts Guides for Brides share their top tips…

Have An Open Mind

You might arrive at the show with your perfect wedding dress in mind. However, we always recommend taking advantage of all the different styles on offer at the show by keeping an open mind. Trying on more styles than just your ‘ideal’ gown means that you might just be surprised, and end up finding a completely different dream dress. Just take a look at all the options available at The National Wedding Show!

Choose Your Entourage Carefully

Plenty of brides bring their fiance to wedding fairs, but this can cause a problem if you’re a traditional bride and don’t want him to see your wedding dress before the big day! However, as with any wedding dress shopping expedition, it is vital that you do bring someone with you who you absolutely trust to give you an honest opinion. So if you’re expecting to dress shop at the show, bring someone else, such as your mum or your bridesmaids, to advise you.

Wear Clever Clothing

Your wedding dress is not the only clothing to consider! Shopping for a wedding dresses involves being helped in and out of at least a couple of dresses, so you want to wear clothing and shoes which are easy to remove. You’ll also need to wear underwear that is suitable for under a wedding dress, and that you don’t mind your dressers seeing!

Bring Some Shoes

Remember that your dress is part of an entire outfit, so it’s very useful to bring some shoes to try wedding dresses on with. You don’t need to have picked the exact shoes you intend to wear at the wedding, but if you know you’re likely to wear cute kitten heels or skyscraper stilettos, having an idea of the overall look can help you envision yourself on your wedding day.

Be Prepared to Pay…

Wedding fairs are great places to find fantastic discounts and offers on wedding dresses. This often means you’ll need to be prepared to pay at least a deposit towards the dress on the day. So, make sure your budget and finances are in order!

…But Don’t Panic Buy

Wedding fairs do provide a lot of options and offers, but try not to get swept up in the excitement of the event! Don’t be afraid to take a break, relax with a glass of fizz and make a decision later on in the show rather than doing something impulsive and getting dress regret later.

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