Wedding Flower Preservation All You Need to Know

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful but also one of the most rewarding times in your life especially when it all comes together on the big day.

A big element of the special day is the flowers. Having the perfect bridal bouquet, button holes, maybe bridesmaid’s bouquets and corsages. The flowers take a lot of planning, organising and a sizeable chunk of the budget. The flowers are an element of the wedding which is looked at early in the planning process, normally soon after a venue and a colour scheme has been chosen.

A lot goes into the perfect flowers to compliment your day, speak with the florist to see what’s available and in season for your date along with the options and colours available. For example, would you go for scented flowers do you want to go for dry, artificial or fresh flowers. Do the flowers you like compliment your colour palette. There are so many elements to take into consideration.

After spending so much time and effort, and of course the money on the perfect floral arrangements for the day, what next? After the event do you just let your bouquet wilt and eventually die? Do you wonder if more could be done with a bouquet to keep it alive for longer or even forever?

After the event, once home some brides pop their bouquets in a vase of water whilst other will press or dry their flowers. These are all great ideas however do not necessarily mean your flowers will last forever. Over time naturally dried flowers or pressed flowers will become muted in tone and do run the risk of crumbling.

Something which is becoming more popular in the UK is wedding bouquet preservation in resin. After recently being awarded ‘Most Trusted Wedding Flower Preservation Specialists UK’ Sals Forever Flowers know all about preserving those precious blooms to create timeless keepsakes to last a lifetime.

The process of preserving the flowers can be quite a lengthy one, and the term ‘good things come to those who wait’ comes to mind. It can take anything from 16-25 weeks preserve the flowers.

They have to be carefully dried before they can be encapsulated in resin. This is a delicate process by which different desiccants are used to dry those flowers perfectly. Drying the flowers in this way will enable the flowers to keep the shape and colours so they stay looking vibrant and fresh.

Once your flowers are dry, they can then be cast in resin. Once encapsulated in resin   your flowers will last forever, literally freezing a moment in time.

The traditional way of having your flowers preserved was to have them framed, this is still a very popular option among brides and Sals Forever Flowers do offer this service however there is more to just drying and framing. Each flower is delicately coated in preserving sprays and resin to ensure the flowers in the frame will last forever.

With the art of modern flower preservation there are so many more products your flowers can be turned into. From paperweights and ornaments to trays, cake-stands, jewellery and handbags, the possibilities are endless. You can even have a coffee table, making the perfect accessory to your home enabling you to displaying your precious blooms. A lot of brides love the idea of being able to wear their flowers or display them in something a little quirky and unique. The jewellery range is perfect to have something you can wear and if you like to be different and stand out from the crowd the one-of-a-kind handbags are perfect to show off your blooms.

So, what are the top 5 bouquet preservation products at Sals Forever Flowers Ltd?

 1 – The 3D Box Frame

The most traditional ways of preserving your precious blooms are one of the most popular items at Sals Forever Flowers. In a 3d box frame you can display your wedding bouquet along with the button hole and hang it on a wall, showing it off forever. There is something so special about being able to see your bouquet daily reminding you of the special moments in the day, bringing it all back to life for that split second.

2 – Cylinder Tea Light Holders

The cylinder tealights make the perfect addition to any home. Displaying a variety of your flowers in something unique and special to you. The tealight is such a versatile accessory suitable for any room in your home. It’s an option which is very popular among brides.

3 – Coasters

The flower preservation coasters are just perfect! They are a super popular option amongst couples when thinking of flower preservation and what items to select. The coasters are suitable for showing off elements of your wedding flowers in the most practical of ways. Having your flowers preserved in this practical way after the big day is very appealing for a lot of people initials displaying flowers from the special day really freezing a moment in time. There is also an option to frame your letters so they can be hung on a wall.

4 – Freestanding Letters

The free-standing letters are a great way to show off your precious blooms and a very popular  keepsake. The letters can be purchased as individuals or sets. You can have your initials displaying flowers from the special day really freezing a moment in time. There is also an option to frame your letters so they can be hung on a wall.

5 – Cake Stand and Coasters Set
The cake stands and coasters set is a great one for the keen bakers. Imagine displaying your beautiful cake on a stand showing off the petals from your wedding bouquet or maybe even some confetti. The cake stand will really make a statement as you reveal it under the cake. Who said you can’t have a cake and eat it!