Wedding Jewellery for Beyond the Wedding Day

When you’re preparing for your big day, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and think only about how things will look and feel on the day of your wedding. However, your wedding jewellery will stay with you forever, as both a memory of one of the most wonderful days of your life and as a visual reminder of your commitment to one another.


You may have already chosen your engagement ring sometime before the wedding but there are more opportunities for you to personalise and tailor your wedding jewellery. You might need to give your wedding ring serious thought – it might be that it needs to fit in around your engagement ring or you might prefer to go for something plain and simple. There’s also the ring for your partner to consider. For grooms, engagement rings are not worn, so his focus falls on his wedding ring.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Wedding rings may seem like a simple and straightforward piece of jewellery, but they’re also likely to be the piece that you wear most often, with some people never removing their wedding ring.

The most important thing to consider in a wedding ring is the fit of the ring. There are several aspects to look at, the bride’s wedding ring has to work alongside her engagement ring. Sometimes, this comes down to slimline profile of the wedding ring; on other occasions, the ring may need to be shaped to make room for the gemstone in the engagement ring. Wedding rings are often plain but they can equally feature a meaningful design that connects with the bride or groom. Wedding rooms can be chosen for their ability to be worn on their own, with many brides and groom opting to wear their wedding rings as a constant which is never taken off.

Just a Wedding Ring…

Your engagement ring will mean the world to you. But sometimes, it can be priceless. Many brides like to be able to tuck their engagement ring in a safe place, knowing it will be there for them to wear it when they know it will be secure. Who wants to spend the honeymoon scouring the white sands of the Seychelles for an engagement ring that has slipped off…?

Deciding to choose your wedding ring around how you will wear it can define what wedding ring you will go for. Your rings may sit nicely with each other when the wedding ring has a bend to accommodate the engagement ring. However, a wedding ring with a bend may not look as good as you’d like to on its own.

You may also have opted to go for a smaller engagement ring, placing all your focus on the wedding ring. Rather than one-stand out rock of a gemstone on your engagement ring, you might prefer instead to opt for a diamond inset wedding ring that better captures your true personality. At Kimjoux, we know the wedding jewellery traditions inside and out; it’s knowing all the conventions that helps us to understand when brides want to do things in their own way. One bride may want to match with her groom’s wedding ring, whereas another bride wants to add a meaningful gemstone or engraving to capture the essence of her life up until the point of marriage.

Wedding rings can be a wonderful opportunity to explore your creative side as a couple. Both brides and grooms can bring something of themselves to wedding ring design with a bespoke option. One option that couples are delighting in right now is to design a pair of wedding rings that fit together as pieces of a puzzle fit together. At Kimjoux, this is something that we have enjoyed helping our prospective brides and grooms to do – with the results much cherished and loved.

Diamonds are always said to be a girl’s best friend and this applies as much to a bride. Some brides love the idea of a sparkling band of diamonds – a full eternity ring – to symbolise their commitment. As a wedding band, an eternity ring can use white or fancy (coloured) diamonds and the diamonds can be round or use fancy shape diamonds.

As well as brides who are setting their own trends in bespoke weddings rings, grooms are also increasingly opting for a bespoke wedding ring. The circle of a wedding represents the eternal love between two people; a symbol of devotion, the wedding ring brings together the promises made between two people which can be marked by creating a wedding ring to suit the groom’s personality. This can be done by incorporating a combination of precious metals or by using a design motif that is meaningful to the groom. A designed-for-him wedding ring encourages the groom to become invested in the choice made around the wedding arrangements. A groom may even wish to add in a gemstone of special importance to him.

How do you make something your own?

There are so many different decisions to be made in the run up to a wedding, it can be easy to settle for something simple when it comes to wedding rings – and that might be exactly what is needed. However, if you want to personalise your wedding rings, we can take you through some options and decisions that will make your rings special and unique to you are as a couple.

You can use one of our existing designs and add a personal touch through the inclusion of engraving or by adding a birthstone. We can work with birthstones of all sizes, whether it is a small stone set on the inside of the band or a collection of birthstones that represent the whole family.

When it comes to engraving, we’re able to add an inscription that means something to both bride and groom, in the form of a saying or an important date. Sometimes, we create engravings inspired by family crests on signet rings, which are then used as wedding rings.


Something Blue

Many brides like to follow tradition and have something blue on her wedding day – which can be the blue of a wedding box that holds a pair of earrings or a pair of cufflinks that can be gifted to the groom. It also may come in the form of a blue gemstone – perhaps a sapphire in the earrings, or a blue fancy diamond? Often, pearls are used as a nod to the colour blue, with their pearlescent sheen offering little flickers of blue and many other colours. The team at Kimjoux are expert at the ways that a little blue can be incorporated into wedding jewellery.

Wedding jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to express many thoughts and emotions associated with the big day – ‘Thank you’, ‘I love you’. Often gifts between the bride and groom can be handed down throughout the family that are yet to be born. It can be as simple as a pair of personalised cufflinks or a pendant to finish off the bride’s dress.

As you start a new chapter together, these are sentimental pieces of jewellery that a couple can consider investing in. Bringing together touches of personal style with effortlessly beautiful pieces, you can create a legacy that will last long beyond your wedding day.


With the focus firmly on the bride and groom, it is well worth taking time to consider the rest of the wedding party. You might want to mark the moment with your wedding party, with a timeless item of jewellery as a gift, maybe with ‘Thank you’ or the date of the wedding engraved. A pendant necklace can be a fabulous way to mark the day with a maid of honour.

It’s traditional that the mother of the bride and groom receive a gift to mark the occasion. Rather than flowers that will fade within the week, choosing a keepsake piece of jewellery that can be worn in the years to come is a stylish touch. Whether a pair of earrings that she can wear to mark family occasions or a bracelet with the dates of the big day, it’s a fitting gesture for two of the most important people in the wedding party.

We’re Here for You

We really mean that. We know how much work weddings can be and we’re here to help you with the decisions you need to take. At Kimjoux, we’re committed to making sure that we can help you to unlock and realise what it is you want from your wedding jewellery. We’ll work with you to explore the ideas that can go together to make your jewellery particular to both you and your wedding day.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your wedding day jewellery with us, get in touch with via our website or Instagram.