Wedding photography: How to conclude your magical day

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Looking for the best way to conclude your magical day? See The National Wedding Show exhibitor’s The Snapshot Cafe suggestions on how to get it done.

” Why not consider playing a slideshow of your wedding photography of your ceremony during the banquet or first dance? Remind your guests of the beautiful moments they shared with you on the day PLUS let your evening guests know what they missed during the day.

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“Nowadays a lot of people own smartphones which allow them to upload photos to Instagram directly. At the end of your couple shots, why not invite one of your bridesmaids to grab the photos from Instagram in a pre-designed hashtag and make a simple slideshow? You can use apps like Photo Slideshow Director to complete the task. You can then simply plug the smart phone into a PA system or even bring your own projector to show off your slideshow!


Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of fiddling around with the technical bits, call in the pros! Choose a photographer or videographer who does same day instant edits so you can get your pictures on the same day. A professional team can then check the facilities with your venue and DJ to make sure everything runs smoothly, and you will have a wonderful photo slideshow with around 100 photos or a 5-min-video showing your ceremony without having headaches. Ta-da!

So impress your guests and conclude your day on a high by sharing the memories of your special day with all the people around you with your wedding photography!

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Want to know more about us? We are a London-based photography and videography company specialised in wedding and engagement imagery service. The founders come from a fashion and journalism background, believing that weddings should be recorded in the way that is true to itself, but still captures the creativity and artistic aspects. The imagery should carry emotions which are able to keep the day alive throughout generations. Established in London in 2013, we have gained the knowledge to serve clients from different cultures – British, Oriental, Asian, African and Middle Eastern. In addition to weddings and engagements, we also serve events, do portraits and travel photos, as well as fashion and product promotion campaigns.

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We are an experience oriented company, aimimg to provide an experience which our clients cannot find anywhere else. We provide a one-stop hassle-free Bespoke Image Design service for our clients in a wide range of ways, including image consultation, hair and make up, gowns and accessories hire and design, as well as picture albums, photo books, canvas and framed picture sets printing.

From time to time, we upgrade our services by listening to our clients. We believe in the value of co-creation and there is no universal package that suits everyone. Contact us today and let us know your needs are.

We would love to work with you!”

To find out more about your wedding photography, pay The Snapshot Cafe a visit on stand M41 at London Olympia 26-28th February 2016.