Wedding workout hooping with LadyXsize

Everyone wants to feel their best before their big day, but hitting the gym is not for everyone! The Feel Good Zone host LadyXsize has a fun and energetic way to exercise without spending hours in the gym! She explains how Hula Hooping can work for you and how it can help you look and feel good in time for your big day! 


“Getting yourself looking good for one of the biggest days in your life can be a daunting prospect. How you look on this day will be immortalised in photo albums from friends and family alike, who will travel across the globe to attend. A memento of this day will probably find itself on your mantelpiece, shared on social media or filmed, so it is imperative that you look your best. It’s the one day that will be solely focused on you and you want to ensure you look your very best.

Planning this day takes time and energy and you probably won’t feel you can find the time to go to the gym and do a full on workout. So how can you trim your waist, firm your glutes and get a full cardiovascular workout in a short space of time without leaving your home? That’s why I created a three month Wedding Workout which combines hooping exercises using the Powerhoop Slim weighted fitness hoop as well as daily meal plan, workout calendar and a wealth of tips and advice.

Now we can all remember spinning a hula hoop as a child, so much fun! Tricky though, as a hula hoop is very light and spinning it is a challenge. This is a great entry level weighted fitness hoop. It’s 3lbs in weight and is super easy to put together. Hooping is such a good way to stay trim, here’s why I’ve incorporated it in my Wedding Workout.


1. Hooping tones your deep core abdominal muscles. The main one, the Transverse abdominus, has a corset effect, so toning this will help with spinal stability. Toning this area will be crucial for the hourglass look in the wedding dress.

2. Pelvic floor muscle tone. As we get older we lose tone in this area. Things like childbirth take their toll, so the better tone we have here, the more likely we are to stave off things like incontinence. Also a toned pelvic floor can increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential.

3. A full body cardiovascular workout. Hooping will get your heart rate up and improve blood circulation. This is good for heart health, metabolism and hormones and could help to lower your risk of things like cardiovascular disease.

4. Burning calories. It’s exercise, which means you will need fuel to do it. Therefore this will increase your potential to burn fat and lose excess weight.

5. It’s Fun! It doesn’t feel like you are exercising and that’s the secret to an effective workout.

The wedding workout including hoop is super effective.



Check it out on my website where you can pick up the Hoop and subscribe to my Wedding Workout. Subscribe to the 90 day package and get a Powerhoop Slim for free.

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Join LadyXsize in The Feel Good Zone at The National Wedding Show in Manchester Central on the 22nd and 23rd of October!