What shoes to wear on your wedding day!

You might not have realised it but on your wedding day you will be spending a lot of time on your feet!

Probably one of the last things you think about are your shoes.What you choose will have a great impact not just on your appearance but also on your enjoyment of the occasion. After all, princesses do NOT get blisters!

Your shoes will affect the way you stand, the way you walk, the way your dress falls. Heels naturally make us stand up straighter and improve our posture. This is ideal for a day when so much of the focus is on you, plus all those photos, you’re going to want to be standing confidently!




“But I can’t wear heels!” I hear you say? Then don’t. Flats are a perfect for those who hate wearing heels or are concerned about being taller than their groom (remember Lord Farquaad from Shrek?). And they don’t have to be plain either! Flats can be as gorgeous as heels and look super cute with a tea length dress!



Just as important as how your shoes look, is how they feel. Whether it’s flats or heels, they have Have HAVE to be comfortable!

First thing to ensure your shoes are going to be comfortable is if they fit. We’ve all done it, fallen in love with a pair that’s half a size too small and squeezed into them like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters only to regret it later.

But the perfect fit is about more than just the right size.

T-bars and ankle straps/ties – many a b2b has worried about leaving a shoe behind her half way down the aisle. For added confidence when all eyes are on you, a shoe that fastens around the ankle just can’t be beat. Not only that but ankle straps and t-bar’s improve the fit by hugging the shoe securely to your foot and reducing the slippage factor (like we said, princesses do not get blisters!). Another plus point? This style of shoe can make your feet look oh so dainty.



Heel size/shape – getting married indoors, you can probably get away with whatever shoe you fancy, unless your venue has some ridiculously plush carpet. If you’re going to be spending any time at all outdoors, even just for photos, you may want to consider what type of heel you have on your shoes.

Block heels are a fabulous choice for an outdoor event. Not only will you have a great sturdy heel (sturdy doesn’t mean frumpy, block heels are very on trend!) but there’s no chance you’ll sink into the grass or go skittering off on gravel.


block heels


French/Spool heels are elegant, fun, flirty and totally sensible. The hourglass shape has a very vintage flair and the wider base to the heel is very outdoor venue friendly. This heel shape is perfect for those who aren’t that confident in heels as they are traditionally a low-mid height.


spool heels

Stiletto, the ultimate choice for elegance and glamour. Gliding down the aisle in a long gown or strutting like it’s a catwalk in a tea length…ok, so can you tell I love high heels? Though these aren’t for everyone, a covered platform can reduce the angle of the foot and make a high heel seem much lower. A super way of getting the desired look of a high heel without tottering around on tip toe all day.

high heels


Finally, look for shoes that have a cushioned insole and even better, a cushioned lining.

“Yes, Cinderella, you can go to ball”, and dance the whole night long in shoes that look and feel fabulous.

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