What to Wear to a Wedding for Men

With weddings being such momentous occasions, there’s always going to be pressure to look your best. Because of this, deciding what to wear can be a real pain; although in reality, it really isn’t that difficult. Follow these handy tips from 40 Savile Row (alongside men’s outfit ideas) and you’ll wonder why you ever worried at all.

Read the Invitation

Not all invitations will include a dress code, however those that do should be taken seriously. Pore over the details and find out exactly what the bride and groom expect the attendees to be wearing. For those that do not specify, speaking to others who are going can help get an idea of what sort of outfit you should be putting together.

Don’t Upstage the Groom

You may fancy yourself as stylishly superior to the groom, however stealing the spotlight from the main man is a definite no go. By all means accessorise and visit your barbers a day before, but stay away from black tie and certainly leave the top and tails at home.

Check the Weather

Whilst predicting British weather is nigh on impossible, you will (we hope) at least know what season the big day is during. By using this information strategically, you can choose the most suitable outfit to ensure you’re as comfortable a possible throughout the day. To help, we’ve listed the four seasons and what you should wear:


Possibly the easiest season to dress for, spring weddings usually enjoy pretty mild weather. To maximise compliments, we suggest going for a classic single-breasted jacket and contrast trousers. Go tieless and complete the look by adding a silk pocket square – either folded carefully or stuffed as the Italians do.


Navy, grey and black are all classic (and wise) choices, but summer allows you to opt for something a little different. Having said that, whilst there’s more room for experiment once the temperature rises, it’s important to hit the right balance between stylish and smart. To achieve such stability, we suggest a linen blazer, button-down shirt, trousers and loafers. Not only does this combination adhere to the smart-casual dress code most weddings require, but the light materials will ensure you don’t overheat. If linen isn’t your thing, a lightweight wool or mohair suit has similar cooling properties that are ideal for warm-weather weddings.


As pretty as autumn is, choosing an outfit can be a little tricky; you can never really tell what the weather will be like. To make sure you’re prepared for all outcomes, we suggest choosing a classic double-breasted suit. Timeless and effortlessly stylish, it’s a fail-safe option that can be worn time and time again. For those that want something a little different, not only can we offer a variety of colours, but our tailors are able to change the positioning of the buttons to suit your own sartorial tastes.


For winter, it’s all about the three-piece suit. An extra layer in form of a waistcoat not only gives you added insulation, but it looks great too. A little dressier than some of the other options, this suit is guaranteed to receive some compliments during dinner. For a unique look that will receive endless compliments, we suggest opting for our grey sharkskin three-piece suit that comes complete with blue marble horn buttons. To complete the look, team it with a tie, pocket square and classic brogues.

40 Savile Row will be joining us at The National Wedding Show at Olympia London on 21-23 September. Bring the whole groom’s crew and find the perfect suits for everyone!