When to book your wedding photographer

When do I need to book my wedding photographer?

I get asked this many, many times by couples so I thought I’d just share my experiences with you! The simple answer is “as soon as you can” .i.e. when you get your date.


If I average out my booking times it comes in at at least 18 months. I’ve just taken two bookings for 2020! It seems a bit crazy but there are very good reasons to book “asap”. The key reason is to get the photographer you want. After the cake and the confetti have been eaten and swept away, your photos and your album will become your way back into that day. That’s it; one shot at it. You need to trust your photographer and I have to say those you can do book further in advance. The next reason is to fix the price. Prices may go up as styles and products develop, so getting your photography sorted a year out or more means you get the current prices.

Another snippet of advise is to check you day and see if it’s a special date. I wont be with you on Christmas Day but days like New Year’s Eve, Bank Holiday weekends and of course the middle summer months are very popular. Even days that have a ring to them. I’ve had double figures in inquiries for 18/08/2018. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but it just has that ring to it! (forgive the pun).


No matter what supplier book a meeting before you get your date, or at least get in touch with a them so they know you’re around. See what their diary is like. I’ll happily meet couples and then let them decide in their own time.

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