Why Choose Faux Flowers for your Wedding?

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6 Reasons to Choose Faux Flowers For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting, yet also one of the most stressful (and expensive) events in our lives.

From finding the perfect venue to writing your guest list and finding your dream dress, the “to do” list can feel never ending. One other item which should be near the top of your list is organising your wedding flowers. The best florists book up months, if not years in advance, so it is worth contacting your florist early. It is also worth bearing in mind that the cost of fresh flowers can fluctuate with the season – especially if you’re getting married in the Winter.

However, there is another option: luxury faux wedding flowers. Not sure if faux flowers will give you the look you have been dreaming of? With Peony, world-renowned faux flower specialists, you can achieve the most real looking floral decor exactly how you envisage it, at a fraction of the price. Read their 5 reasons why it makes perfect sense to choose faux over fresh.

1) Know what you’re getting

Choosing luxury faux wedding flowers means that you can pick every single flower and piece of foliage months in advance. If you have a specific shade in mind, then you will be able to see exact examples of the flowers in order to pick the perfect colour for your day. This is not something that real flower florists will be able to guarantee. Visit the Peony showroom (just off the M54 near Shifnal) and design your arrangements and bouquets with one of our team. You can even take a stem away to colour match it to your bridesmaid dresses should you wish to.

2) Don’t be limited by seasons

If you’re getting married in the UK in the Summer, then you will have so many wonderful seasonal flowers to choose from. However, if you’re getting married in Spring or Winter, then the chances are your preferred flowers will need to be imported into the UK. So, not only will your flowers have a bigger carbon footprint, they will also be more expensive to source.

Choosing faux flowers means that you will have a large collection of flowers to choose from regardless of the season. Your wedding flowers will also cost you the same in Winter as they would in Summer.

3) Avoid allergies

If you, or someone in your wedding party, suffers from hay fever or allergies then faux is the way to go. You can have the flowers of your dreams without worrying that you or your bridesmaids will be sneezing as you make your way down the aisle.

4) Wow your guests

At Peony Faux Flowers we have created the most botanically correct flowers. Many of our flowers are exact copies of the ones growing in our gardens and include real to the touch petals for a truly realistic finish. As time is on our side as our flowers don’t die or become brown around the edges, we can create the most stunning displays ahead of time. With so many flowers and so much greenery at our fingertips anything is possible.

5) Sustainability matters

Weddings often involve a significant amount of resources including energy, water and materials. And of course, growing crops and crops of flowers to be harvested is not environmentally friendly in itself. Opting for faux flowers minimises waste and allows you to share your personal values with your guests. It really is a win win. You reduce your expenses while minimising harm to the environment.

One final reason to choose luxury artificial wedding flowers.

6) Guaranteed satisfaction

The team at Peony Faux Flowers alongside Shropshire Events have created a range of fabulous wedding flower collections to match every colour scheme. From gorgeous aisle florals, table centrepieces, arches and even arbours and swings adorned with the beautiful flowers from Peony, our fabulous faux creations are the perfect option for your wedding. The choice is so varied, the price is so reasonable and the surety of a breath taking wedding day is absolutely guaranteed.

They are confident that unless you tell them, none of your wedding guests will be able to tell your flowers are faux!