Why even bother having a professional wedding photographer? (10 reasons why you really should!)

So here’s the thing, everyone’s got a camera on their phone, and most people know someone who’s into their photography and has a pretty decent camera.

You can so easily and instantly access all the photos taken by guests on the wedding day, and you could even ask that friend/family member with their fancy camera if they’ll be your official photographer.

So why even bother having a professional wedding photographer for your wedding? Well, here are 10 reasons why you really should!

#1: Professional photographers carry back-up gear

A wedding is far too important to take any chances. That’s why I always carry a back-up camera on me throughout the day, so if the worst happens, I can still capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. In addition to a back-up camera, most professional photographers carry spare lenses, along with a ton of spare batteries, flashes and memory cards.

#2: Let your guests enjoy the day

It might sound obvious, but if one of your guests is worried about taking pictures all day long, they might not be able to relax and enjoy the day as your guest. Let them come and enjoy themselves!

#3: There’s more to it than meets the eye

A good wedding photographer makes it looks easy. They turn up on the day, snap a few pictures of you having the best day of your life, and then a few weeks later you receive a few hundred photos of beautiful memories, all captured forever.

In reality, the photographer will have planned out the whole day in advance, from the best routes they’ll take between venues to beat the traffic (which means more time to take photos), down to knowing when the sun will set so they’ll capture some portraits in the best possible light. If it’s a new venue for them, they’ll most likely have gone there beforehand to scope out some great locations for photographs.

They’ll the spend several hours (commonly days) editing and enhancing all your photos to make them look as beautiful as possible.

#4: Good wedding photographers are genuinely passionate about doing their best for you and getting you perfect shots

They’ve invested time and money into equipment, courses and training, and they love what they do. A good photographer will go the extra mile to get you the shots you deserve.
Whereas your guests will be wanting to socialise and catch up with family members, your photographer will be concentrating solely on getting those images for you.

#5: Albums and prints

After your wedding, as a professional in the industry, your photographer will be able to have your prints and albums produced for you by a dedicated photographic laboratory. These are of a very high standard, as it’s important that your images are presented in the way that they deserve. While most photographers give you the right to print your images yourself, you may find it beneficial having a professional to help you out here.

#6: Professional photographers know what’s going to happen next

Why is it professional photographers are so good at capturing that exact moment – that expression of sheer emotion, that second when you catch each other’s eyes for the first time as you walk down the aisle?
It’s because, after doing a fair few, they know when and where to be to be ready and waiting for the shot. They’re in the right place at the right time. If there’s anything more unusual, at one of the pre-wedding meetings this will have been discussed, so they’ll be ready for that too.

#7: Professional photographers are insured

If your friend who you’ve asked to take your photos breaks something at the venue, or injures themselves or someone else while taking pictures for you, what happens?  These days, most wedding venues will require an insurance certificate from the photographer in the run up the big day.

#8: It’s really not all about the gear

Professional photographers have spent countless hours with a camera in their hand, they know it back to front. But it’s much more about the artistry, how to compose a shot, how to take stunning images in all different lighting conditions, how to take beautiful photos all day long. The camera can’t do any of this on its own.

#9: They can help you plan your day or give inspiration

During pre-wedding meetings, I like to discuss the plan of the day and hear about your exciting ideas. When going over details, sometimes I’ll ask questions about an aspect of the day that hasn’t been considered, or I’ll suggest an alternative way of doing things that might work better for a particular venue.

#10: They can be a calming influence

It can be so useful to have someone there who isn’t emotionally charged. Wedding photographers love the emotion of the day and being able to capture it, that’s one of the reasons they do their job. But they’re one step removed from it all, which can be a great calming influence.

It’s not helpful when a member of the bridal party is getting het-up about some small detail or is stressing about things running slightly late.  I’ve defused these situations for brides numerous times and put everything back in perspective.

Brides and grooms, as professional photographers we want your day to be the best it can be and we are totally here for you.


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