With special thanks to R7 Production: Official Showreel


With Thanks to R7 Production

For those of you who kept up to date with our TNWS Series this Autumn 2015, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the team behind the lense, the fabulous R7 Production.

Here is their official Show Reel.

“Your Wedding is one of the most special days in your life. With that in mind, capturing these moments is not only hugely important to us but a real honour. With the background from film production and fashion photography, R7 Wedding team always looks for new angles and updates the latest technology to recreate the timeless story of your wedding day. Unlike anything that you have ever seen or even imagined, R7 Wedding bring to you the fascinating aerial drone to create innovative, cinematic art that reaches far beyond your expectations. What makes us stand out from the crowd : 1. We use the latest technology to create the movie look of your wedding. 2. As a team of integrated photographers and videographers, we know how to let others get the best shot thus no clash. 3. There is no time restriction. We will stay until your day is fully captured We are inspired by adventure and travel. Whether you’re down the street or across an ocean, we will go where the story lead us.”

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