Chris Denner Photography

Chris Denner Photography

I’m Chris Denner and I’m a crime fighting vigilante and I know more Kung Fu than Bruce Lee.

Well, that is not strictly true, but that sounds way more interesting than saying I’m a wedding photographer.

Because I don’t really do standard wedding photography. I promise to see your wedding photography differently as I personally find most wedding photographers boring, cliché and dull as dishwater. True story.

So, let’s all forget about that posed, sterile and old fashioned nonsense, and instead let’s think of colourful, intimate, and beautiful wedding photography. Reportage and relaxed.

To put it into context, if I were a band – I would be AC/DC, The Beatles or the Ramones; I wouldn’t be Westlife or an X Factor winner. That is horrible.

Because I take time beforehand to get to know you – your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and expectations – you will more feel relaxed in front of the camera, and confident in getting results you’ll be thrilled with.

The vast nature of my work is a very documentary and candid approach – so I will be there to capture every true emotion, every laugh, joke, and even the tears without you knowing it.





Exhibiting At

NEC Birmingham – Stand: B13

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