Memories made easy with Posable. Retro cameras to capture candid moments.

In 2018, my cousin faced a wedding dilemma: disposable cameras promised nostalgia but delivered hassle. By 2023, my sister's engagement reignited the same camera conundrum from 2018. That's when Posable was born – sustainable, stylish retro cameras capturing candid memories in retro film vibes.

Why posable?
📸 Retro camera: Capture vintage-inspired photos
❤️ Memories: Guests capture authentic moments, no retakes
♻️ Sustainable: Think disposable cameras but not single-use
🕗 Save time: A hassle-free experience from start to finish
💷 Save money: Posable is 86% cheaper than alternative cameras
✅ No limits: Storage for hundreds of pics

How it works

1. Your Posable cameras arrive at your doorstep two days before your event
2. Guests capture raw and real memories that will last a lifetime
3. Send your Posable cameras back to us, we’ll digitally deliver your memories


Finishing Touches, Party Services (inc. DJs & Discos), Photobooth

Exhibiting At

ExCeL London – Stand: R1

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