Photo Booth backdrops to fit your wedding theme

So you have done all your research into a theme and spent ages picking one that is just right. You have decided on the decoration and place settings, the flowers and the lighting and now you are onto planning the rest of the evening, and it needs to be perfect. If you are planning on having a photo booth or a GIF booth at your wedding then why not have a wonderful backdrop as part of your decoration. Here are 4 beautiful decoration themes and backdrops which are stunning but simple to achieve.

1. Green Plants and Flowers

If you have spent a long time picking plants and flowers to match your theme, why not make the most of them by incorporating them in a flower wall. There are a few options to consider…

Real Flower or Plant Wall
Real flower walls can be quite expensive, but they are also truly beautiful and the fragrance can make for a truly memorable centerpiece. Our favourite option is to include lots of foliage to contrast against colourful flowers. This flower wall is created by Rebecca Avery Flowers, Catherine Short Floral Design and Boom Blooms.

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Flower wall backdrop

Artificial Flower or Plant walls
Artificial flower walls are very popular at the moment, and the advantage of them is that they can be more long lasting.

Artificial flower wall backdrop

2. Metallics

Metallics are one of the big trends of 2018 and 2019 and work really well as backdrops. Gold can give a retro or glamorous feel to the booth where as silver can give a really fun disco vibe. Pair it with some disco props for all the funk songs the DJ is playing.

Metallic backdrop

3. Geometric

If you are having your wedding in a trendy venue in a city center, then a geometric pattern could be a perfect way to reflect your theme. There are many great patterns, but we like these two ideas – Keep it simple with grey and white chevrons. The simple pattern will look classic and make for great photos. Another option is colourful geometrics. Eye catching backdrops like these look so good in photos and really bring out the colours in your guests outfits.

4. Balloons

Here is another DIY option that will make your wedding truly unique and fun! Foil emoji balloons and silver streamers are perfect for filling up a boring space in a venue. The balloons also double up as props so your guests can bring them into the photos. Secret Tip – Foil balloons use less helium that rubber ones, so if you are on a tight budget, get some more foils. Our favourites are the emoji balloons and the holiday flamingoes and cocktails!

Balloon backdrop

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