Decorated Cheese Wedding Cake

4 Tips for an Amazing Cheese Wedding Cake

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If you are not much of a sweet tooth and fancy something out of the ordinary to wow your guests on your wedding day, then a Cheese Wedding Cake might be just the thing for you. Not only are you sure to impress your guests with this creation, it also allows just as much originality and personalisation as traditional Wedding Cakes.

Here are four tips to help you craft the perfect cheese wedding cake that is sure to make quite an impression on your guests:

Buy British

It’s no secret that us Brits love cheese! And best of all, we really know how to make them! With an estimated 700 different types of named cheeses produced in the UK, British cheeses repeatedly win prestigious international awards despite fierce competition from our European cousins. Cheeses are a very versatile addition to your wedding meal with many different flavours, textures and combinations that are sure to please your guests.

So where do you even begin to craft your Cheese Wedding Cake? Beyond simply buying British Cheeses, you can also support your local cheesemonger who will be on hand to help advise you and show you all the possibilities at hand. Many cheesemongers already have pre-made Cheese Wedding Cake selections however if you are after more customisation for your cake, many of them will also invite you for a tasting to help you select the right cheeses.


Cheese Wedding Cake Tier

Selecting the Best

With so many amazing options to choose from, you can easily find the best British cheeses to suit all tastes. From raucous Stiltons to beautiful Wensleydales, all the way to Godminster’s very own award-winning organic smoked cheddar, be sure to pick a selection of different flavours and textures to delight and wow all your guests. Do not be afraid to expand your selection beyond what you and your significant other like. Even if you do not like a particular cheese, it may be a favourite of a guest.

A great idea to include your guests in the wedding cake is to select a cheese to represent not only you and your partner but also loved ones like your parents or children. That instantly gives you many different cheeses to begin creating your perfect cake.

Cheese selection

The Grand Reveal

Whether you are having your Wedding in a rustic barn, a grand castle or a seaside hotel, Cheese Wedding Cakes can be decorated to blend in with your Wedding style and are as versatile as their confectionery siblings. Make sure for example to include flowers from bouquets and boutonnieres to tie your cake into the broader wedding theme and party. As you would with a traditional wedding cake, make sure you have ordered it well in advance to ensure you have plenty of time to discuss all of this with your cheesemonger.

Remember to also order extras of your top tiers! You will have less of these cheeses, but if they are particularly popular, you will need more to satisfy your guests. You don’t want anyone missing out.

Decorated Cheese Wedding Cake

The Perfect Centrepiece

On your big day, you must instruct your venue staff to keep the cake refrigerated and take it out an hour before you will be serving it. This will ensure your cake is nice and fresh and the hour out of the fridge is all the time it takes for the cake to reach room temperature. It needs to be allowed to warm up slowly as that is how all the fantastic aromas and textures spring to life.

Bring it out and allow your guests to marvel at this incredible creation! Hopefully, you will have managed to drum up a little excitement over this unique culinary delight and please your guests with something out of the ordinary.

If we have tickled your taste buds with the temptation of a cheese wedding cake, then Godminster has just the one for you! The Godminster Wedding Cake or the Godminster Celebration Cake are both perfect for your big day. They feature not only their famous organic cheddar but a host of other beautiful British cheeses too.

If you have any questions, you can have a read all about it on the Cheese Cake FAQs section of their website:


Cheese Wedding Cake