Prevent Dark Circles on Your Big Day

Stubborn dark circles and fine lines around the eyes are common skincare concerns for many of us. Nonetheless, with an event as special as your wedding day just around the corner, there is a real pressure to ensure that your skin is looking as healthy and glowing as possible.

With such an array of products on the market, creating a routine that suits your skin can seem like an overwhelming task. Below, Preeti Chotai, leading Bridal Makeup Artist, shares her expert advice on preventing dark circles and caring for your skin ahead of the big day.

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Did you know that.. the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face and therefore more delicate. This can often mean that fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sun damage is noticeable around the eyes before anywhere else.

It is important to note that… skin around the eyes should be avoided when applying facial skincare products- stop at the socket bone. Nonetheless, SPF should be applied all the way up. Specialist products for the eyes do make a difference, for example, eye creams that are designed with your skin type in mind, and concealers that contain SPF.

It is advisable to…Wear sunglasses when necessary/as often as possible to further protect the sensitive area around the eyes.

Always remember to… be gentle when applying products. Use only the ring finger to avoid applying too much pressure. Do not rub the eyes, especially when removing makeup. Hold the remover soaked cotton pad and wipe down for 20 seconds. After this, wipe and repeat until all makeup is removed- do not rub.

My final tip would be to… give eyes the same TLC that you do the rest of your face. Applying a mask/ treatment once a week really gives that extra dose of nourishment and care. Try applying eye masks straight from the fridge for puffy eyes, or use the Panasonic Facial Enhancer to cool & lift the skin at the same time for soothed, hydrated under eyes with reduced dark circles.

Preeti will be joining the Panasonic Skincare team at Stand F36 at the National Wedding Show, Birmingham, from Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd March. Here, Preeti will be offering personal skin consultations as well as live demonstrations of the Panasonic Skincare range.